New Paintings by James White

James White is best known for his black and white photorealistic representations of moments the majority of people would overlook as insignificant or unimportant. Each piece is directly inspired by an impulsively taken snapshot of his life, and emphasizes the process and physicality of creation. Painstakingly capturing each minuscule detail, White transforms the banal into oil paintings that transcend culture, economics, race and individualism, the things that divide us from one another, by amplifying the shared life experiences that characterize human existence.



James White

About the Artist: White lives and works in London. Since 1991 he has participated in several exhibitions worldwide and in the UK. Exhibitions include All Tomorrow’s Pictures, ICA, London, 2007; New Paintings, The Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas, 2007; New Blood, The Saatchi Gallery, London, 2004; Solo Exhibitions at Casey Kaplan Gallery New York, NY, 1997, 2000; The New Art Gallery, Walsall (Blue, 2000); Fig-1 (Atoll, 2000); Solo Exhibitions at Max Wigram Gallery, 2007, 2008. In 2006, he received the prestigious John Moores 24 Painting Prize.  Download Artist CV