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Educational Programs

As part of The Goss-Michael Foundation’s role in supporting and cultivating the arts within the community we are committed to promoting a strong and focused educational program which is aimed at high school and university education, continuing education and also offers programs for educators and professional development.

Library and Archive
The Goss-Michael Foundation library and archive is available by appointment. This serves as a resource for the study of contemporary art. The library consists of an expanding collection of books, DVDs, video, periodicals and online computer access.

Library is available by appointment only with valid student I.D.
Library is open Tuesday – Friday between 12:00-5:00pm
Please schedule a time at least 1 day in advance.
Please review library guidelines upon arrival.

Teacher Previews

To nurture education The Goss-Michael Foundation holds special teacher previews to introduce forthcoming exhibitions and activities. These events are designed to give an opportunity to teachers and group leaders to meet with colleagues and Goss-Michael Foundation staff as well as discover the range of opportunities and resources available through the education and public program.