New Practices @ GMF

Posted by: Kevin Jacobs

New Practices is an initiative by the Goss-Michael Foundation to extend support to younger contemporary artists, most of which are based in the increasingly progressive Dallas area. These exhibitions, existing in project spaces at the Foundation, will operate as an extension of our overall mission to educate, engage and inspire audiences by presenting work outside of the Goss-Michael Collection.

upcoming exhibition


+ Kristin Aardsma, Hanna, Andrews,
Marisa Crawford, Becca Klaver,
KrystalLanguell, and Caolan Madden
+ Courtney Brown
+ Jennifer Chan
+ Kasumi Chow
+ Natalie Labriola
+ Marisol Plard Narváez
+ Michelle Rawlings
+ Tori Whitehead

opening 8 February 2013
6:00PM – 9:00PM

Curated by: (wo)manorial + Kevin Rubén Jacobs

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