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About the Foundation

Our Mission
The Goss-Michael Foundation exists to educate, engage and inspire audiences by presenting exhibitions of British Contemporary art, provide vast resources, educational programs and scholarships to aspiring artists.

The Goss-Michael Foundation was founded in June 2007 by recording artist George Michael and his partner Kenny Goss.  Art lovers and avid collectors, the couple has been promoting art in one way or another for over a decade.  Often splitting their time between Dallas and London, they became friends and acquaintances with many of the artists in the so-called YBA movement.  While building a considerable collection of works produced by this now infamous generation of artists, Goss and Michael began to feel there was a void within the Dallas arts community for the British contemporary art that had begun to define so many of the current artistic trends. It is their personal conviction that art is meant to be shared, discussed and seen, not simply by collectors, who are financially able to purchase such works, but by everyone. Thus the Goss-Michael Foundation was formed out of a desire to share their personal collection with the public both locally and abroad.

The Foundation: Educate, Engage, Inspire
The Goss-Michael Foundation is dedicated to contributing to Dallas’s thriving artistic community and enhancing the public’s familiarity and interaction with mid-career and emerging British artists.  Through the Foundation, the public is not only able to view the works of internationally renowned artists, but is also able to see the relationships that exist between them within the context of the collection.  The Goss-Michael Foundation offers the public a rotating schedule of exhibitions that are changed on a quarterly basis throughout the year. The majority of works featured in each exhibition are derived from, and inspired by, the collection.  However, with each new exhibition, the Foundation also has the unique opportunity to partner with other institutions as well as the artists themselves. In an effort to keep exhibitions innovative, the artists are often invited to participate in the curatorial process and encouraged to produce new artwork specifically for the occasion.  Since 2007, the Foundation has had the privilege of hosting many collection artists including Tracey Emin, Marc Quinn, James White, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Michael Craig-Martin, Richard Patterson and Jeremy Deller.  While here, the artists participate in talks, tours, lectures, and performances that are often held in collaboration with other Dallas art institutions.  This affords the public the distinctive opportunity to learn about the art from the artist themselves and promotes strong ties within the local art community.

In addition to its stimulating exhibitions, the Foundation has assembled a resource center, providing a library and archive of research materials for the benefit of students, educators and aspiring young artists, as well as a growing scholarship program benefiting Texas high school seniors. Since 2007, over $120,000 in scholarships has been awarded to visual arts and music students enabling them to pursue a higher education in the arts.  The Foundation also hosts an annual student art contest, Saturday Sketch days, and internships for university students, as well as tours throughout its regular exhibition schedule.